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A one day course to teach managers about unique productivity and leadership skills.


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Black Belt Business Push UpsHow many push ups could you do by yourself? Then how many push ups could you do with a Personal Trainer motivating you? All of our programs at Black Belt Business revolve around accountability and ensuring you get all your business tasks completed. We do this by having the latest technology in place, accountability forms having to be submitted on weekly basis to ensure you are keeping up to date and having your Business Instructor there to ensure that the business strategies are implemented correctly. Just like your push up example, all Black Belt Business customers are able to achieve so much more, with quicker results and easier implementation, then going it alone. Plus we make it fun for you. Here’s to more time and money for your business.
Black Belt Business DisciplineIt is rare that somebody likes discipline, though in Martial Arts and Business it is essential to be disciplined to achieve your Black Belt.Though honestly, discipline is easy. Think Martial Arts. One of the main outcomes is being more disciplined. But as mentioned, discipline is easy. Why? The only difference between a White Belt and Black Belt is the Black Belt has the discipline to turn up and train. And does it over and over again. This is the same for business. Look at all the successful business owners. The difference between somebody struggling and success, is the successful business owners turned up and persisted. This is what Discipline in business is all about. Turning up and by doing this, you too can have a Black Belt in Business.
Black Belt Business LifestyleWhy did you get into Business in the first place. The answer mostly we hear is to be your own boss. The challenge with this, is that most business owners end up becoming a slave to your business. That is why we focus on the Business Lifestyle Formula at Black Belt Business. The formula is really simple. Business can only provide you two tangible results. These are results that can actually measured. The more free time you have and the more money you have the better the Lifestyle. So at Black Belt Business all your focus is around Time and Money. But there is one component that your business can’t provide and is paramount for your lifestyle. And that is Health. The healthier you are the healthier your business will be. So the formula is: Time x Money x Health = A Great Business Lifestyle.
Black Belt Business ImplementationYour programs are not just a coaching program. At Black Belt Business we are not about fluff and really focus on implementation of your Business Strategies. We also focus on ensuring you and your team are trained correctly on the implementation of these strategies. Founder and Chief Business Instructor Nathan McDonald, has one simple rule when he teaches students or business owners. He will never give you something to do that he is not willing to do himself. And this is instilled throughout the entire Black Belt Business Team. If you need to make 50 cold calls, then we will make the first 10, to get you comfortable. If you have to write a sales letter, then we will help write the sales letter. This is not a we tell you do program. This is we do and then you can do. So much better for getting results then a typical motivational coaching program.
Black Belt Business GradingAs your business grows, so do you. As you finish your plans or your strategies, you are graded to the next level, just like Martial Arts. It isn’t easy getting a Black Belt, but the reward at the the end is huge. A Black Belt Business is a business where you do not need to work in it (runs itself), or can sell it for an amount where you are financially free. Come join the many other business owners on their way to Black Belt.

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